About David

David, a young professional and law student, was born on January 19, 1989 to Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Robinson Sr. He is a native of Garfield, NJ, and is the middle child of three boys. As a child, his parents encouraged him to participate in a variety of school and community activities, including serving in several capacities at Friendship Baptist Church of Garfield, NJ. His involvement ignited a fire to help encourage and uplift others. This ultimately led him to choose the profession he is currently pursuing in Education Law at Western Michigan University School of Law. His passion in the area of education comes from his desire to enrich the youth in the community, and serving as the Youth Director for Life Changing Word Church International, Inc. (LCWCI) located in Haledon, NJ for four years.

After graduating from Drew University in 2011, David made the decision to give God all of him and to stop running from the calling on his life, and a year later was called to be a Minister in training under LCWCI by Pastor and founder William H. Cash; where he was later licensed on December 14, 2013. In the summer of 2012, God placed it in David's heart to write a devotional geared toward encouraging those who are younger, both in age and spiritually, so that he can share with them what God had given him during his prayer time. After four years of receiving this revelation, God released it in David's spirit to publish the devotional. Although the devotional may be written to reach those who are younger; Defeating the Enemy; A Weekly Devotional for the young believer is a devotional that will reach all readers, no matter the age.